Stillaguamish Administrative Bldg.

The Admin Building originally started out as a plan/spec project utilizing a large geo-thermal ground source heat pump system. The mechanical portion of the project was substantially over budget with a large portion of the cost tied up in providing the geo-thermal wells and associated piping required for the ground source system. JMI’s innovative technological design on this project reduced the project’s cost roughly $1 million dollars (40% of the mechanical budget), while at the same time providing the owner with a high energy efficient system that allowed them to receive rebates from the local utility company.

JMI’s design department developed a custom design for this project using both an Aermec Chiller Reversible Heat Pump unit and a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. During the heating season, the Aermec unit provides hot water to a Central Air Handler for heating and in the cooling season, the unit provides chilled water to the Central AHU to condition the 6,000 square foot Atrium. JMI also suggested  increasing the tinting for the glass in the Atrium an additional 15%, resulting in a 20 ton reduction in cooling for the solar load. The design for the Atrium also included two airfoil ceiling paddle fans manufactured by Big Ass Fans to move warm air from the top of the Atrium to the lower levels during the cooler months. In the summer, a high wall combination damper/grille relieves hot air from the Atrium

A high energy efficient LG VRF system provides heating and cooling to the perimeter and interior office and meeting spaces. The VRF system can provide heating and cooling at the same time, depending on each individual zones’ set point. Four energy recovery units are utilized to recover energy from the conditioned air being exhausted from the building. JMI designed and installed a Tridium based DDC Energy Management System to run the building efficiently 24/7. The DDC system is designed for connectivity to other tribal facilities for monitoring and operation of these buildings, with energy management in mind.

General Contractor: Gaffney Construction – Pete Gaffney 425-355-4433
Owner’s Representative: Stillaguamish Tribes – Carol Kirk
Architect: Womer & Associates – Darcy Morden
Mechanical Engineer: Rice Group – Chris Wright 425-774-3829