Design-Build, Design-Assist, Plan-Spec

Whether designing a single-component or leading the design team, our customers have varying specification and delivery requirements, with the experience and overlapping capabilities within our team we can avoid re-creating the wheel with our proven design models.

Design Review

From JMI’s Revit MEP - BIM database, we can perform design tasks & reviews, queries, and generate construction documents – meaning less time & more productivity for coordinating building data between Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers, and Subcontractors involved on each project.

Budgets & Procurement

Using the latest estimating software QuoteSoft our team can generate onscreen digital takeoffs to estimate labor, material costs for ductwork, pipe, fittings etc. for a variety of Mechanical & HVAC systems.

Site Investigation & Safety Planning

To discover if any additional steps are needs prior to actual construction, our site investigation is tied into our safety planning to ensure that employees, building users, and the environment is not harmed due to unforeseen conditions.

Quality Control

Not limited to the inspection and verification of manufactured and/or fabricated products, but includes the execution of the completion of our projects.

Contract Management

Our project management team, along with our contract administration staff help facilitate project close-out, support and manage effective contracts and quality control follow-up.



Our Partners

Construction Management.

The complexity and the project delivery structure of projects vary based upon the specific requirements of each of our customers. Common project delivery methods for JMI are: Design-Build, Design-Assist, and Plan-Spec.

However, with over 50 years of experience in the Mechanical & HVAC Construction industry and by means of the use of computer design technology and estimating software. We have been able to develop a comprehensive database that integrates our deep knowledge and consists of today’s new fabrication, construction standards and project deliveries, as well as take on non-traditional bidding, contracting, and construction processes.

Our proven BIM and Critical Path Method methodologies have enabled robust communications among our project team and between selected design & construction teams (Architects, Structural Engineers, General Contractors, etc.) and subcontractors. In the event, of constructability issues, our team has the flexibility to allocate the proper resources to provide clients with alternative construction options, products, and MEP systems.

An incremental part of our construction management and services, involves estimating and procurement. From the moment questions or discrepancies are discovered, we are committed to providing pricing according to the terms of the contract and will expedite this process if the issue is affecting the schedule.

RFI’s and changes are a normal part of construction. However, is against our company beliefs to submit a low bid price and then attempt to find every change order available. Our intent is to provide a fair price on the contract scope of work, as well as on change orders. Hence, from the beginning, we maintain a collected amount of data so that we aren’t re-inventing the wheel but increasing knowledge, and adding Value Engineering and Quality Craftsmanship to our ever-changing industry and construction methods.

Typically we have witnessed cases to which an inability to accurately estimate costs resulted from (1) lack of knowledge of the work need to meet the requirements of the project, for example unsearched contracts, which may involve substantial uncertainties, and (2) lack of cost experience. – Which is why pre-planning and well qualified project teams and enhanced communicates are the core of JMI’s process and procedures.

Expected Results on each project handled by JMI:

  • Clearest Contractual Remedies
  • Value Engineering and Life Cycle Cost Studies
  • Proven BIM & CPM Implementation Methods
  • Maintained Safety & Security of Building Users during Construction
  • Preventative Maintenance Planning for Mechanical Systems & Controls
  • Continuous Energy Savings Analysis & Reporting
  • Satisfactory Procurement & Closeout Activities


HVAC Technology and Services.

Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems not only represent a percentage of construction costs for building owners, but ongoing asset management costs after commissioning.

The services offered by Johansen Mechanical, Inc. goes beyond installation and start-up. Maintaining a quality level of service and standard of operation, requires the implementation of preventative maintenance programs. This is why our dedicated owners spend a considerable amount of time establishing and maintaining personal connections within the arena to which we operate. We plan for a long-term connection that surpasses the approximate 15-20 year life span of your system.


• Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems
• Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems and Constant Volume (CV) Systems
• HVAC Water Chillers & Cooling Towers
• Air Handlers
• Condensing Units
• Heat Exchangers
• Cooling Towers
• Fan Coils
• Geothermal Systems
• Boiler Systems
• Exhaust Fans
• Variable-Frequency Drives (VFDs; adjustable frequency drive, variable speed drive, micro-drive or inverter drive)
• Air Compressors/Dryer Systems
• Packaged Units/Rooftop Units
• Exhaust Hood Systems
• Hydronic System
• Chilled Beams
• Fan Wall Systems
• Refrigerant Piping

HVAC & Building Automation System Monitoring:

• Building automation and controls
• HVAC Equipment
• Lighting
• Refrigeration