1st Place - Architectural Project of the Year! - SMACNA Western WA

Design, Fabricate and Install.

While your average fabrication shop may have the capacity to produce an engineered product. Our team of Metal Artisans, have the ability to interpret our clients' mental impression to design, fabricate, and install a large variety of metals to match their application requirements.


Although our customers may have varying specification and delivery requirements, our overlapping capabilities enables the use of Field Measurement, 3D Modeling software, Advanced Technology and Innovation to produce single-prototypes and high-volume production. 

Project Management

JMI will assign a project team leader to oversee all stages of a project through to completion.

You think it, we design & build it!


Custom Metals. - All of the Above.

Our Custom Metals Division capabilities of Designing, Fabricating and Installing expands beyond the unique details and components that form the architectural style of building infrastructure. We also provide our clients with custom metal work made-to-order ranging from Artwork and Displays to Kitchen and Medical Equipment.

Stainless Steel, Blackened Stainless, Blackened Steel, Aluminum, Copper, or Brass/Bronze.

JMI's warehouse equipment, is geared towards the preparation of some of the most commonly used metals in infrastructure. From sheet & plated, pipe & tube stock, square bars, etc.

Our knowledgeable staff has the foresight to determine the limitations of manipulated metals per its gauge, finish, and application. *Most importantly, our team recognizes "special-use" areas requiring the durability and sterilization of materials such as Stainless Steel in locations such as Commercial Kitchens and Healthcare facilities.

For example, our installers recognize the long-term importance of avoiding pits & inclusions when installing Stainless Material to prevent the onset of corrosion damage, which can be dangerous.

Railing/Guardrail SystemsKitchen/Food ServicesMedical/Healthcare
Custom Exterior & Interior Architectural Railings, Handrails, Guard Rails, and Gate Systems for Commercial and Residential applications.
• Cabinetry and Components
• Wall Treatments and Shelving
• Countertops and Surfaces
• Stainless Fixtures, Sinks (Drop-in/Integrated) and Pans
• Range/Canopy Hoods
• Food Processing - Hoppers, Conveyors and Bins
• Product Displays - Salad Bars, Ice Bins and Display Cases
• Wall Treatments
• Casework and Cabinets
• Countertops and Surfaces
• Stainless Fixtures, Sinks and Pans
• Warming Cabinets
• Pass-Through Shelves
• Nurse Documentation Stations
• Laboratory Benches
• Narcotic Lockers
• Mobile Storage and Dispensing Cabinets
• Exchange Trays and Baskets
• Workstations and Tables


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