Operations Analysis & Energy Audits

Our highly-skilled
analysts will study the
existing conditions
of your existing system
and identify quality
of service.

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Mechanical Design-Build Engineering

Save cost, time,
logistics and risk
by combining
 the design, planning,
construction and maintenance
of your HVAC Systems & Controls.

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Let us help negotiate
rates & facilitate
access to grant
resources and programs,
by providing ongoing report &
monitoring data of your system
to your local utility provider.

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Facility Explorer/FX supervisory controls powered by Tridium/Niagra AX provide system-wide supervision and control of your HVAC System to reduce energy usage and optimize operating efficiencies.

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Energy Services
  • HVAC Evaluation for Energy Consumption
  • Monitor & Establish Baseline of Energy Consumption
  • Develop Energy Plan with End-User
  • Customize HVAC System Design w/Specialized Engineers
  • Subsidize Project Costs w/local Power Utility

What We Do

We supply our customers with an Operational Overview & Reporting of estimated repair, replacement and rebuild statistics. This verifies your equipment is offering a continued reduction of operational costs and energy consumption.

The data provided from our reporting will allow our Account Managers to offer recommendations to address existing and potential conditions, determine a Planned Maintenance Program, and or an Extensive Mechanical Engineering Design tailored to the budgetary and operational needs of our customers, as well as facilitiate access to available funding.

Energy Use in Commercial Buildings

On average, $1.51 per square foot is spent on energy in office buildings, more than the national average for energy usage in commercial buildings ($1.19 per square foot).

Note: Due to rounding, individual figures may not sum to totals.
Source: Energy Information Administration, 2012 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey.

For most current statistical data vicis CBEC online at: https://www.eia.gov/consumption/commercial/


Natural Gas

District Heat

Fuel Oil