The Metals
Stainless Steel
Blackened Stainless
Mild Steel
No. 4
No. 8
Angel Hair (Non-Directional)
To name a few...
Applied Finishes

Powder Coating

CNC Machining
Hi-Def. Plasma Cutting
and Assembly

Environmental Stewardship and Sheet Metal Fabrication.

While your average fabrication shop may have the capacity to produce an engineered product. Our team of metal artisans & superior craftsmen have the ability to interpret our client’s mental impression to Design, Value Engineer, Fabricate, and Install a variety of metals to match their application requirements.  While metal applications may determine our approach on how metal is prepared. JMI’s value-added Sustainable processes of metal forming and fabrication, helps minimize environmental impact and contributes to the preservation of natural resources.

With new developments in fabrication and construction technology & software. JMI has been able to combine quality craftsmanship with the use of advanced computer-design technology and fabrication tools to build & specify both standard and non-standard designs.

The equipment used is our 16,000 square foot facility, is geared towards the preparation of some of the most commonly used metals in infrastructure in the form of: Sheet & Plated, Pipe & Tube Stock, Square Bars, etc.

Various techniques, range of equipment, and process flows include Sheering, Stamping & Forming, CNC Machining, Hi-Def. Plasma Cutting, Welding, Polishing, Assembly, and Delivery of components made from Sheet or Structural Metal.

Materials, Energy, Labor, Equipment, and Delivery.

While the metals used in our industry are non-renewable. Our efforts towards Green Energy & Sustainability are first made by the logistical purchasing of materials.  Secondly, investing in energy-efficient equipment that not only promote productivity but also low on electric energy consumption.  Additionally, our Quality Control efforts include but are not limited to our Workplace Safety Management Program, as well as the monitoring and minimizing of water consumption and chemicals used for cutting, cleaning, surface treatments and finishes.

Sustainable Practices:

• Analyze and Evaluate CAD Drawings
• Defined Manufacturing Instructions (Shop Drawings)
• Field Verification
• Electric Energy Consumption
• Advanced Technology & Equipment for productive labor practices
• Moderate use of chemicals & substances during production
• Pre-Shipment Inspection
• Freight Costs/Logistics
• Workplace Health & Safety
• Maintaining Local Regulatory Standards
• Facilitating Available Green Energy Grants & Incentives for our Clients