Design Review

Revit MEP is the object-based software package used by our Engineering team to facilitate plans, sections, elevations, 3D renderings, quantities, and other pertinent data needed to fully coordinate efforts to complete the Mechanical Construction elements of the project.

Budgets & Procurement

 To keep our prices competitive, our estimating team will carefully review pertinent project documents and compile a list of vendors and subcontractors, including approved equals on elements to be handled outside of our area of expertise, using the latest estimating software to provide construction estimates.

Site Investigation & Safety Planning

During the Pre-Construction stage, a site investigation takes place to discover if any additional steps are needed prior to actual construction, to ensure safety of both employees and building users.  This also allows for unforeseen conditions such as historical artifacts or environmental problems to be addressed.


Pre-Construction Services

JMI has a built a reputation for client satisfaction with previously-performed work for being a great source of construction knowledge, design quality, and expert craftsmanship.

While there are many different ways to structure a construction project, JMI's approach involves the overlapping capabilities within our team throughout all stages of construction, coordinating of trades, manufactured equipment, and materials & components that make up infrastructure.

This requires being up-to-date on regulatory requirements, innovative software & equipment, and maintaining a high-level of craftsmanship in order to maintain our reputation of quality service

We will minimize the potential cost escalation with pre-planning and productivity procedures to the meet the needs of the original estimated cost, unless the scope of work has changed.

The time-savings and other efficiencies offered to our customers, is due to our BIM Model which enables robust communications and ability to coordinate closely with design teams and the myriad variations between trades.

BIM Coordination Process

  • Run and Chair All BIM Coordination Meetings On-line
  • Host and maintain project FTP Site/DropBox for Coordination
  • Ongoing Project and Team Support
  • Model Updates as necessary
  • Assemble, Design and Trade models into a composite model in a format and software compatible with the Contract Documents requirements.
  • Host on-line site for coordination meetings.
  • Run clash detection and organize/filter clashes prior to coordination meetings.
  • Provide direction to facilitate conflict resolution between trades.
  • Collaborate with Design Team to resolve conflicts. Prepare and submit composite coordination drawings.
  • BIM Management Plan.