Around the Clock Service.

JMI's Service Team is available 24/7.

Our fleet of Service Technicians is coordinated by dispatchers who are available 24/7 to respond to your call.  We will make every effort to respond to all service requests within 2-hours. 

JMI also offers System Upgrades, HVAC Troubleshooting and Planned Maintenance Programs, all backed by a comprehensive Warranty that is the best in the industry.

Commercial Service & Maintenance Contracts

Maintaining a quality level of service and standard of operation, requires the implementation of planned maintenance programs.  By aiding installed equipment, you are prolonging the life of your assets by means of repair, rehab and/or replacement of equipment, parts & assemblies.

Offered for all major makes and models of HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment.  JMI Planned Maintenance Programs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each of our customers.  From seasonal integrity checks to full coverage programs.


Contact Information

24-hour Emergency Service
& Equipment:

(425) 481-2266

Main Office:
Tel: (425) 481-2266
Fax: (425) 486-6933
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Street and Mailing Address:
16372 177th Ave SE
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Available Emergency Rental Equipment:

1 ton and 5 ton Portable Heating & Cooling Units
5, 10 and 25 ton Package Temporary Heating & Cooling Units

SystemsOperations AnalysisMaintenance ProgramOther Services
JMI offers planned maintenance programs for a variety of HVAC Equipment:

• Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems and Constant Volume (CV) Systems
• HVAC Water Chillers & Cooling Towers
• Air Handlers
• Condensing Units
• Heat Exchangers
• Cooling Towers
• Fan Coils
• Geothermal Systems
• Boiler Systems
• Exhaust Fans
• Variable-Frequency Drives (VFDs; adjustable frequency drive, variable speed drive, micro-drive or inverter drive)
• Air Compressors/Dryer Systems
• Packaged Units/Rooftop Units
• Exhaust Hood Systems
• Hydronic System
• Chilled Beams
• Fan Wall Systems
• Refrigerant Piping

Automation Technology & Computerized Controls

Retrofitting remote HVAC monitoring equipment compliments JMI’s maintenance programs and energy consumption analysis by means of metering and software. Off-Site monitoring enables troubleshooting and automatic correction, and if necessary JMI will deploy a Service Technician to address issues in a timely manner.

Remote Monitoring also enables JMI to analyze historical data to assist clients in rate negotiations and energy saving grants and incentives.

JMI can coordinate with your facility maintenance team and assist in the monitoring of a building’s systems: security, fire, HVAC, building automation, lighting, refrigeration, electrical and more.

HVAC & Building Automation System Monitoring:

• Building automation and controls
• HVAC Equipment
• Lighting
• Refrigeration

Operations Analysis, Energy Audits, and Asset Management Services

We supply our customers with an Operational Overview & reporting of estimated, repair, replacement, and rebuild statistics.  This verifies your equipment is offering a continued reduction of operational costs and energy consumption.

The data provided will allow our Account Managers to offer recommendations to address existing and potential problems, and determine a Planned Maintenance Program tailored to the specific budgetary and operational needs of our customers, as  recommend/facilitate available funding.

Contact our team for available funding programs applicable to the repair, rehabilitation or replacement of your existing system.

JMI offers Planned Maintenance Programs for all major makes and models of HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment. Each agreement is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Not just Belts & Filters.

Our Operations Analysis report consists of an inventory list of makes, models, locations, and technical information per our client’s facility for asset management purposes. Although the common belief that maintenance programs are nothing more than arranging to have a technician simply change-out belts & filters…

JMI Service Technicians are trained and skilled to test and verify operations of your equipment that goes beyond your standard maintenance suggestions listed in your Operations and Maintenance Manual.

• Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting
• Building Commissioning
• Air & Water Balancing
• Retrofit/Replacement Services