We Are

Johansen Mechanical - Keith Johansen

Keith Johansen

President, Owner

Johansen Mechanical - Derek Holm

Derek Holm

Vice President, Owner

Johansen Mechanical - Debbie Juno

Debbie Juno

Financial Controller, AR/AP

Johansen Mechanical - Dave Bly

David Bly

Division Manager, Custom Metals - JMI 27 years
Hometown San Diego, California
Before JMI HVAC Apprenticeship, 12 years of shop and field experience in addition to 21 years of Project Management and Estimating. 33 years total sheet metal experience.
Why JMI? JMI promotes customer trust and appreciation by providing high quality products through innovative design and fabrication techniques. Our superb reputation and decades of experience are second to none.
If you had an endless supply of anything? Happiness

Johansen Mechanical - Andy Leishman

Andy Leishman

Division Manager, Service

Johansen Mechanical - Michael McCoy

Michael McCoy

Division Manager, Energy & Controls

Johansen Mechanical - Mark Nosbusch

Mark Nosbusch

Superintendent - JMI 16 years
Hometown Devils Lake, North Dakota
Before JMI Local 553 Apprenticeship. 42 years total sheet metal experience in over 30 different states.
Why JMI? I enjoy working with the younger tradesman to create an understanding of what we can bring to the table through personal characteristics, work ethic, craftsmanship to benefit our employer and the customer. The owners are what sets JMI apart from other employers I have had pleasure to work for. Ownership at JMI is approachable and considerate of their employees compared to any other place I have worked.
Travel back in time or the future? Back to the 40s & 50s because of the cars.

Johansen Mechanical - Bill Allen

Bill Allen

Shop Foreman - JMI 31 years
Hometown Wilmington, Delaware
Before JMI US Army, HVAC Apprenticeship, Refrigeration Mechanic. 33 years total sheet metal experience.
Why JMI? JMI is about providing the customer with the best service possible. Seeing what the customers needs are and working together to give insights on how best accomplish the tasks so that in the end, the customer is both happy with the product and the quality of the craftsmanship.
Favorite food from childhood? Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Making a Difference.

JMI's second-generation dedicated owners spend a considerable amount of time establishing and maintaining personal connections between the families & communities to which we operate.

Specialized Trade.

Because of JMI's long-term social connections within the community... We have a deep knowledge of our industry, partners & suppliers, and most importantly our customers.

Complexity to Rapid Response.

Our company's structure enables management to have a shortened distance from the front lines, which translates over to effectively & efficiently deploying the right resources for a rapid response.

Family owned businesses aren’t particularly thought of as being innovative.

However, our skilled craftsman have not only received extensive training by means of the Western Washington Sheet Metal JATC apprenticeship program. JMI’s Employee Development program helps continue to advance skills and certifications to implement innovative results.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) was considered an industry “trend” over a decade ago. However, Johansen Mechanical was one of the first companies in the early 2000s to adopt the use of Revit MEP Software and begin integrating the BIM Model into our work processes. Although this was an investment in the beginning… Our proven methodologies have enabled robust communications and the ability to take a responsive approach to unforeseen or to potential problems throughout all stages of construction. This has enabled our team to meet our clients’ needs within the original estimated costs and minimize the amount of potential change-orders.

Johansen Mechanical, Inc. was part of the beta tester community for testing and giving feedback on one of the most recognizable and commonly used Mechanical Estimating Software – QuoteSoft formally known as QuoteExpress. This powerful solution has allowed our estimating team to generate on screen digital takeoffs to estimate labor, material costs for ductwork, pipe, fittings, etc. for a variety of Mechanical & HVAC projects.

Our Purchasing Department, Project Management Team, and Accounting Staff have utilized the Dexter-Chaney construction and accounting management software Spectrum for over the past 15 years. This system tied into our communitive process from QuoteExpress and Revit MEP software has enabled our team to provide robust/in-depth communications from between our internal operations as well as the partners, and trade members, clients, and owners to which we operate with on the regularly bases during all stages of construction.

In our shop, we have utilized a series of metal working technology that integrates with our CAD software to massively produce Mechanical & HVAC mechanical parts and assemblies, as well as our Architectural & Custom work.

Johansen Mechanical - Seattle
Unique in our industry to be one of the few Sheet Metal Trade members to design/design-assist, fabricate, and install products for the entire building envelop, JMI's services are not limited to Commercial HVAC and Air Quality and Automation System Monitoring & Controls, but includes: Architectural Sheet Metal, Kitchens/Food Services, Medical/Healthcare and Custom Metal products.

We have performed work in notable buildings such as The Space Needle, Port of Seattle (SeaTac), CenturyLink Field, Safeco Field, King Street Station, Russell Investments, just to name a few.

  • Commercial HVAC & Air Quality
  • Automation System Monitoring & Controls
  • Architectural Sheet Metal & Custom Metal
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Kitchens/Food Services
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Educational (K-12 and Higher Education)
  • Transportation

Staff Directory

  • Admin

    Name Department Position Phone Number Email
    Debbie Juno Accounting Finacial Controller - AR/AP 425-527-1035 Contact Me
    David Bly Custom Metals IT Admin / Project Manager / Division Manager 425-527-1030 Contact Me
  • HVAC

    Name Department Position Phone Number Email
    Brian Pringle Construction Estimator 425-481-2266 Contact Me
    Colette Frohreich Construction Bid Coordinator 425-527-1004 Contact Me
    Hector Hernandez Construction Lead Estimator 425-527-1012 Contact Me
    Ivy LeVangie Construction Project Coordinator 425-527-1025 Contact Me
    Jeff Tweedy Construction Account Executive 425-527-1007 Contact Me
    Mark Nosbusch Construction General Foreman / Construction Supervisor 425-527-1006 Contact Me
    Nick Schroeder Construction Project Engineer 425-527-1015 Contact Me
    Michael McCoy Energy Division Manager 425-527-1009 Contact Me
    Bill "Spike" Allen Shop / Fabrication Shop Foreman 425-527-1021 Contact Me
  • Custom Metals

    Name Department Position Phone Number Email
    Damon Hespe Custom Metals Project Manager / Estimator 425-527-1038 Contact Me
    Daniel Moore Custom Metals Project Manager / Estimator 425-527-1027 Contact Me
    David Bly Custom Metals IT Admin / Project Manager / Division Manager 425-527-1030 Contact Me
    Kevin Boston Custom Metals Project Manager / Estimator 425-527-1016 Contact Me
    Seth Hespe Custom Metals Project Engineer / Estimator 425-527-1028 Contact Me
    Bill "Spike" Allen Shop / Fabrication Shop Foreman 425-527-1021 Contact Me
  • Service

    Name Department Position Phone Number Email
    Andy Leishman Service Division Manager 425-527-1017 Contact Me
    Bonnee Pearce Service Admin Assistant 425-527-1010 Contact Me
    Lisa Reno Service Coordinator 425-527-1001 Contact Me
    Paul Tetzlaff Service Business Development 425-527-1033 Contact Me